Thursday, March 1, 2012

So much love and so little sewing.

Remember how I had one two fugly fabric giveaways?

I also won a revamp of my blog from Jennie at Clover and Violet/click. snap. swoosh. laugh.

I had completely forgotten that I entered and when I got the email from Jennie that I won, I just about fell over at my desk at work I was so excited.

But I kept my composure so my lab mates wouldn't get weirded out.

Basically, I want to thank everybody for being so awesome since the year started and patient with the general lack of posting on my part due to an overwhelming shortage of sewing.

Hopefully, once I get my proposal topic nailed down (this weekend, I'm trying!) I will turn on my sewing machine again.


  1. I love that you did only one entry for that contest and still won. WINNING EVERY DAY. /L


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