Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Pretty much I'm slacking on the sewing and the blogging. Teaching and researching and prepping for my oral exam (in less than two and a half months) takes up a lot more time that I thought it would. But hopefully I'll make some progress and have something nice to show in the next few days.

But also, a few good things.

Pretty much I'm famous.

Check out the pins from my blog on Pinterest. This makes me feel really special.

You can also follow me on Pinterest, but I warn you, I mostly pin food, wedding dresses I can't afford, and sassy quotes.

I also won, not one, but TWO sets of "fugly fabric" from the contests last week on Tuesday hosted here. Jan and Colby picked lil' ol' me as (one of) their winners! Pics of my "winnings" once I get them in the mail!

I am definitely going to participate in this the next time it rolls around; I have a number of things that I don't know if I will ever use and even more fabric that I am simply tired of right now.

And HUGE THANKS to Fabrics N Quilts for sharing my Garden Disappearing 9 Patch tutorial on their Facebook page! I am so excited that other people have found my tutorial interesting. It makes me feel like a *real* blogger, especially when so much of my life is tied up in things unrelated to quilting and crafting.

ALSO. If you know of places online where the new 1862 Battle Hymn collection is for sale, comment on here with the link. I've seen it only one or two places, and I just want to shop around for the best price. I am going to use some combination of the blues and tans for the sashing and borders for my Civil War Quilt (per the request of Park Ranger Boyfriend).

Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. I'm telling you, you could start selling this shiz on Etsy and make a fortune.


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