Friday, January 13, 2012

Color Combinations

Here are some color combinations that I haven't really explored yet. I need to branch out from pink and brown.

  1. Black, white and lime green
I have the fabric, I just need to be inspired and find a pattern to go with it. Most of my fabrics are geometric, so I’m not sure where to go with them just yet. My mom has recently made 2 red, black, and white quilts so I might channel those for inspiration.

  1. Blue, yellow, and white
Classic combination. Usually I’m not much into blues, but there are so many beautiful fabrics with these three colors. Definitely thinking a classic type pattern to go along with these colors. Haven’t yet started collecting fabrics for this one, but soon enough I’ll find myself with a stack of these colors large enough to cover my apartment.

  1. Orange
Orange is one of my favorite colors and I think it gets the shaft a lot of the time. How big is the orange section at your local quilt shop? Not very big. There are usually 10 times as many pink fabrics as there are orange fabrics. So this one might be one that takes a while to collect all of the fabrics for.

  1. Red, white and blue
I’d like to make some sort of America themed wall hanging for my dining room. There is a very cute pattern in Quiltmaker from a long time ago that I think that I might try with Uncle Sam. I already have some red, white, and blue fabrics that will be used in this one.

  1. Navy, Grass Green, and Gold.
Over the holidays I bought this beautiful border print stripe at one of the quilt shops in Michigan that we visited during their AMAZING SALE. This was 50% off. I finished the bolt. ZING! I’m thinking something ‘manly’ (aka no overt floral prints) that Park Ranger Boyfriend wouldn’t be afraid to use. 

Better late than never!

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