Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Project Round Up

Did you survive your Black Friday excursions? Did you hear about the lady who pepper sprayed everyone at Wal-Mart? Hope you survived.

My mom, sister, and I went to the Vera Bradley emporium at one of the nearby jewelry stores. I found nothing. I am a failure. We then went to the mall and hit a few department stores and I was the only one who got anything. Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch made me fantastically happy because I am approximately 3 hours from one at school. 

But it's Friday so we'll do project-round up for everybody at home.

1. Sister: Binding
My sister has two quilts that need binding sew on and bound. This one is gigantic:

This one is a wall hanging:

2. Sister: Planning
She's also planning to make a Secret Window mystery quilt (although there is little mystery anymore) using these batiks:

3. Me: Sew that together, girl!
My Secret Window is still just blocks in piles.

Mom's is done, quilted, and bound. Overachiever.

4. Mom: Cuddle with me!
Mom is making a flannel quilt. It is to die for cuddly.

5. Me: Digging for gold.
This is the treasure chest (aka mom's scrap bin)

Be still my beating heart. 

Happy Friday!

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