Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tiny's quilt and the Little Bunny's thoughts

So I did finally get that baby quilt to its home. And here is the proof! That way Tiny won't freeze in Southern Californian winters.

Now people. Don't go off producing babies because "I'm friends with Alison, so she'll make MY Tiny a quilt too!" because I am still in graduate school. But sure. Your Tiny may end up with an Alison Original (or a Little Bunny Quilt, as it were). But I won't make any guarantees to anyone. Other than to my NYC BFF that I will make her some Melly and Me Clucky chickens someday.

So what I'm saying is: organize with your married friends and stagger your babies so I am not overwhelmed.

That is all.

Also. If you're ever itching to look at a cute baby, this one takes the cake.

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  1. Awwww.... look, Tiny's quilt! I can't wait to send you photos of Tiny playing on it. (and drooling all over it, and...)


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