Friday, October 14, 2011

Online Block of the Month Links

So many quilt blog quilt-alongs, so little time.

1. Bloggers Quilt Block of the Month
This is for the next year! Each block is designed by a different blogger -- some of which I am familiar with, some not. My mom started hers and she made two blocks of the first month and they are super cute. It will be neat to see how it ends up!

2. Desperate Housewife Quilt
This one has a ton of blocks -- a new one every week! It's designed to let you pick and choose which blocks you want to make for the quilt. OPTIONS GALORE!

3. Civil War Quilt
I have talked about this one A LOT. The Civil War is a common topic in my life because The BF is a Civil War historian working at Antietam National Battlefield. So someday I will make him a Civil War quilt and I think something along these lines would definitely be it.

4. Block Central's archive
It hasn't been updated since the end of 2009, but there are a whole bunch of completed block of the month quilt patterns and they are pretty sweet. Check them out!

5. State Fair Quilt
Oh. This is so pretty. I don't know if I would do blue and white, but purple and white might be pretty neat.

Does anyone out there want to pay me to quilt, so I can quilt all day?  Please? Thanks.

Depending on how things go tonight, there may or may not be another post. No promises.

ALSO. VOTE FOR MY MOM'S QUILT! Hers is the "Half Square Diamond" about a third of the way down the page.

Happy Friday!

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