Friday, October 7, 2011

Basically, I need help.

I have a pile of almost finished projects. And a lot of it is because I haven't decided how to finish them.

So. I want lots of comments about your opinions. These are the projects that are getting close to being done, but need help to decide what the final product is going to be.

1. Cheery quilt
So I haven't talked about this one yet so I will now. The side sashing fabrics were all from a scrap bag I got from a quilt store near home that has now relocated to Indiana or something. So I cut one inch strips, and sewed 19 of them together and cut 5 inch sashing strips that I later cut to 2.5 inches. The little squares are from my stash and the big tan squares was clearance fabric at Joann.

Here's my dilemma. The border. It matches. But I'm kind of wondering if it is too loud. I have this other fabric and I am wondering if I should switch the borders out. Thoughts??

2. Stairsteps to Paradise
This one ya'll know all about. Does it need a border, and if so, suggestions? And backing options?? Without a border it is big enough to be a twin sized quilt already. Just sayin'.

3. Baby quilt
Backing color? Binding? I am thinking yellow or red for the backing and using the tan and white stripe for the binding. Or yellow? Too many options!

4. Snowflakes
I have basically decided to scrap the original wall-hanging design and just do a menagerie of stars.

Now. Do I just put all the blocks together as is, or do I do some fancy sashing or something between?

Again. I have too many options.

5. Which one to start next?
Once I make decisions on #1-#3 I am allowed to start on a new project. I am thinking either the Tula Pink Argyle Honey Honey quilt or the Quiltmaker mystery quilt, as those I really know what I am doing, I just need to start cutting and go, go, GO! Again. Thoughts, words of wisdom, please.

In other news, my mom is here! We're going to sew a lot this weekend (sorry, neighbors!) and probably not do much else. Finishing some of those projects is going to be priority for me. Mom is getting ready to go on a quilt retreat soon so she has lots of cutting to do. Hopefully I'll have progress updates throughout the weekend.

Have a fun weekend!

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