Saturday, September 24, 2011

There's ten million things to do!

So today has been wildly productive and it is only 3:30!

Instead of going to tailgate today, I slept in and went up to campus and practiced my presentation a few times when no one was around in the chemistry building (I saw a grand total of 1 person the whole time I was there!)

I came home, got cleaned up, ate some lunch (microwave nachos--win!), and went out to run some errands. Coupons to use at JCP and Bed Bath and Beyond. Done.

My trip to Joann's was a GENERAL FAIL. Joann's is having coupon commotion right now so I wasn't sure if there was going to be anything not on sale. And there really wasn't. Ugh. What I really wanted to do was pick up some backings for some of the quilts I have the tops finished of, but that didn't happen. Boo.

So I got a few spools of thread, and a couple jelly rolls on sale.

Here is one of them all unrolled. Why are jelly rolls so beautifully rolled until you try to re-roll them?

 And I finally got my apple peeler-corer-slicer. So I have apple crisp (a lot of it) in my oven at the moment.

I also am working on some barbeque pork. Its a lot less "barbeque" and a lot more "whatever I had in my fridge". We'll see how successful this turns out.

Hopefully your Saturdays are also as productive as mine right now! I still have lots to do, including
Continuing to practice my presentation (about 20 more times today)
Working on that baby quilt (hopefully getting blocks sewn into rows today and sewing the rows together tomorrow!
Cleaning up my DISASTER of an apartment (you do NOT want pictures.)
Cooking whatever is around so I can survive the first few days of next week.
And hopefully relaxing just a wee bit. : )

Also. You can now follow my blog via email! There should be a box over to the right for you to enter your email so you'll always know when I've posted something GRAND.

Happy stitching!

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