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Hi, there! I'm Alison and quilting is my passion.

I began sewing in elementary school, practicing my stitches in brightly colored thread on muslin.

I started my first quilt in 2004 and it is still not finished. Hand quilting isn't my thing, I don't think.

My mom and sister are also sewing machines (pun intended) and we love to have sewing marathons when reunited. Particularly ones that involve watching all of the Harry Potter movies in succession.

Sometimes I do things other than sew. I'm a novice pattern designer. I'm a full time fabric hoarder.

My husband is happy that we will never be cold.

Questions? Email me at littlebunnyquilts @ gmail.com

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog, Nouveau Stitch! Good for you for quilting for sanity! I have a son which a GeoChem PhD (now with Science Mag) and I only wish he had taken time for hobbies! So much work!

    Take care and don't worry, I won't ask the "when will you be done" question. :-)



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