Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Five #24: March Madness

The annual NCAA March Madness tournament is upon us. Until last year, I could have cared less about brackets, sweet sixteens, and pools.

Last year, a group of first year grad students, including myself had a bracket challenge group online where the winner would be the recipient of cupcakes made by yours truly.

Turns out all of the excitement and drama is kind of addicting. 

Oh, and I ended up winning. So one of the other girls made me chocolate swirl cheesecake brownies.

So here's the March Madness of my life:

1. Sweet 16
Today (March 16) is a sweet day, because it is Friday. I don't have literature meeting today, I have plans with friends for the first time in ages and ages, and it is visitation weekend here at the chemistry department, so that means everyone is basically useless all weekend.

2. Elite 8
8 weeks until I get to go to Michigan to celebrate my sister's college graduation. I have a pile of things to take care of between now and then (writing two proposals, presenting said proposals, teaching, grading, etc.) but this is the thing that is keeping me going at this point. I will get to see lots and lots of my sorority sisters, as well as basically all of my family. EXCITING.

3. Final 4
Four days until our first practice orals "grill session" where the older members of the group will quiz the three second years taking our oral exams in April on anything and everything chemistry under the sun. Joy of joys. I'm actually in the best position for this because my exam is last, but I'm still kind of nervous.

4. Dynamic Duo
Two proposals for my oral exam. The inside proposal (on my own research) is well on its way to being able to be given to my boss so she can bleed all over it with a red pen (or Word comments). The outside proposal (on a topic not related to my research) is in a little rougher shape, but it'll get there. 

5. Numero Uno
Number one priority for my non-work non-lab non-studying free time is to finish the Seville quilt top. I'm tired of it being moved about hither and thither and it just needs to be done.

Hope your brackets are in better shape than mine are!

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