Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Five #23: Spring Break-ing

This past week has been spring break on campus. This means:

1. No undergrads, no classes, no teaching!
This is something I am really appreciating while working on (or attempting to work on) my proposals for my oral exams. I have formal reports to finish grading this weekend, but nothing else teaching-wise to worry about until next Thursday! Wooooo hoooo!

2. Parking woes on campus
There is zero student parking anywhere on campus and students have to park by the football stadium. A mile from where I need to be on campus. So the options are to a) walk or b) wait for a bus. During the times classes are in session, you rarely have to wait more than 5 minutes for a bus which makes it time-effective to take the bus. When classes aren't in session, unless you see the bus coming to the bus stop, you're better off walking into campus because of how few buses run. Now, don't take this as me being lazy, because I walk to my car every (or nearly every) night, but in the morning, I want to get on the bus, and get to work. 

3. Parking joy at home
My apartment complex is very quiet and there are not as many undergrads that live there. But there are enough people that take their cars with them to where ever they go for spring break that you can park every other slot. Which makes me happy because the number of dings on my car increased exponentially since I moved to an apartment. And actually being able to park close to my apartment brings me much joy.

4. Warmer weather
I am not a cold weather person. I like being inside and enjoying the snow with a mug of hot chocolate. I'm also usually on the cold side so when normal people trade in their sweatshirts for tee shirts, I'm just barely taking off my winter coat. So this little bit of warmer weather is really to my liking. Granted, there were of course flurries today, and its only supposed to be 38 degrees today, but the 5 day forecast gives me hope. I can deal with the rain if its going to be warmer.

5. Bunnies.
There are bunnies every where on campus. I almost tripped over bunnies last night when I was walking from the chemistry building out to the parking lot. I probably see 10+ bunnies on my way out to the parking lot every night. And hopefully soon there will be BABY BUNNIES! (Obviously, I really like bunnies.) If you're ever feeling sad, Google Image search "baby bunnies".

I guarantee you feel better already. Happy Friday!

Ps. Go vote for my mom's entry (Half-Square Triangles by Lori) over at the weekly Quilting Gallery Contest.

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  1. The weather is warmer here, too! Hooray! I love the baby bunny pic & I also voted for your Mom's quilt. I love the quilt gallery contests. It's fun to see all the quilt entries each week. Have a super day!


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