Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Five #12: Daylight Savings and Other Things That Frustrate

This week has been exhausting.

1. Time change
So we got our extra hour. Except now it gets dark at 5 pm and I am ready to go to bed. I hate daylight savings for this reason and this reason alone. In the summer, I can leave campus at 6:30 and it is still light outside. In the fall and spring, when it gets dark it usually means that it's time to go home. But not so much in the winter. It gets dark here right about 5 PM at the moment. And it's all of a sudden. It's a little dim out for a while and then it is PITCH BLACK. Nature fail.

2. Apartment Maintenance
Yes. I appreciate that you come and insulate my air conditioning unit and all that good stuff. However, when I get the notice of it the day before and I don't get home that day until after 8, I really do not want to pull everything out of my closet, including my Christmas tree, just so you can turn off the breaker to the air conditioning unit. So now my Christmas tree will sit in the middle of the floor until I put it up before I leave to go home for Thanksgiving.

3. Fire Drills
Fire drills come at the most inconvenient times and you end up with 40 odd sorority girls in dresses, heels, and no coats praying for the persnickety buzzer to stop.

4. Evening commitments
I don't know how I managed all my evening commitments as a middle school or high school student. When my day is over, all I want to do is put my PJs on and eat dinner with Alex Trebek or Netflix. When I've had sorority adviser duties 4 days in a row this week, I'm a tired little bunny. How did I get through 3 hours of play practice every weeknight for weeks? It's heck getting older. Or in my case, it's heck becoming an old lady at 23 years old.

5. Baby, It's COLD Outside!
I'm a spring/summer person. I like to wear my sweaters, my boots with the fur, and watching it snow. But no matter what, when I am outside, I am always, invariably cold. In addition, the chemistry building is UBER cold most of the time. I never came to work in shorts all summer other than one Saturday. I will start wearing leggings under my pants in the next few days. I dislike air conditioning for the most part, and this causes controversy with certain houseguests at my apartment. So forgive me if I don't want to go tailgate in the snow, I probably will get frostbite.

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  1. As the matron of a middle school boarding house I feel your Fire Drill pain. My girls used to whinge something awful, they never had shoes on or coats handy and they always complained it was a waste of their precious time. But in Sept last year, at 4.35am, we had our 7.1 Mw earthquake. We've had several quakes over 5.0 Mw since then, some deadly, not to mention around 7000 aftershocks that have partially destroyed Christchurch, so my girls now have the drills down to a fine art. They get up, they get out, there are no complaints and they're grateful to be unscathed. I know there's no substitute for the real thing, and I wouldn't wish a real emergency on anyone, but you can tell your girls from me that those drills are life savers.

    Thank goodness we have stitching to keep us sane!


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