Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Five #9: My disfunctional (but not unfunctional) organizational system basically needs help too.

1. I am overly particular.
So maybe its just me being ridiculous, but I keep my nice quilting shop fabrics separate from my other fabrics. Now, other than two schnitzels, I have all cottons. Anyone else do this? Anyone think I'm nuts?

2. The Box of Destiny
This is the box that my birthday present came in, and I just kept all the fabric that came in it (and the batting) in the box together because all that fabric coordinates. And then I decided to add the other three stacks of fabric that are "set aside" for future projects to keep them separate from the rest of the piles. Crazy or effective?

3. The Box of "Nice" Fabric
Originally, this box was able to hold all of my fabric. Now it holds the majority of my "nicer" fabrics. Fat quarters, half-yards, and yards mainly on one side and larger cuts on the other. There is a lot of fabric that I got for a STEAL on vacation this summer in the fat quarter/half-yard/yardish pile. The larger cuts are mainly things that I have 3ish yards of that I got on clearance somehwere or another that I couldn't live without.

4. My batik scrap bags bag
Thank you VS, for making such nice bags. The local quilt shop here has scrap packs 5 for $20 and I have bought them twice, I think. They are mostly batiks (with some Fairy Frost thrown in as well) which is something new for me (my sister is the batik queen, not me--I'm a mainly "modern classic" fabric kind of girl). I really haven't touched them, but they are BIG pieces that you can actually do something with. YES.

5. My shelves
Most of this stuff (when it's not exploded all over my apartment) has a home on or near the shelves, along with my scrapbooking stuff (which I haven't done in over a year now---gasp!) Lots of little bags of scraps as well as pieces of fabric that don't fit or don't belong in any of the other places is tucked on the shelves as well.

Happy Friday! Sorry I'm such a Blogtoberfest slacker. And quilting slacker. My sewing machine would be crying (if it could cry that is) because of how many times I walk past it and don't sit down at it. It makes me sad too. Also, I can't find my camera charger. Hence, no pictures. Frown.

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  1. You could always let me do something with those batiks...


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