Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Five #6: Blog updates I hope you like.

My seminar is over! My life is mine again! Sort of.

Alton Brown was also at Penn State Wednesday night, and it was great.

So recently I've been looking at ways to improve my blog, reach more readers, be generally stellar.

So I've made some changes/additions that hopefully make everybody happer bloggers and readers!

1. Follow the Little Bunny via email!
See those words and a box to the right? Now you can get email notifications of when I update without having to roll on over to Little Bunny Quilts and check every day. Although I appreciate anybody who does check every day.

2. Blogroll, please!
I added a list of the quilting (and other!) blogs I enjoy reading. Hopefully you will enjoy them too! A number of my Hillsdale College classmates have extremely interesting (and often hilarious) blogs.

I wait with bated breath foor the following blogs to update:,, and

3. You may also like...
At the end of each post will now be three other posts that you might be interested in! So you can just continue to click, click, click and discover posts. This will probably be more helpful/interesting once I have lots more posts.

4. I'm also going to try to post links to whatever contests I enter or find particularly interesting so we all can WIN together. Although I rarely, if ever, win contests. My sister is rather lucky, so I think I'm doing this more for her, so she can win things and that she can give me what she doesn't want. I think its a great plan.

5. I can sew and write more now that my seminar is over! YES!
I started laying out some more strips for my snowflakes and they are looking very nice. I am just going to keep making them until I run out of one of the scrap color families (the strip sets have a dark blue, a white, a light-medium, and a medium-dark fabric). Last night I was able to get the diamonds cut for three more blocks, so I now have 6 sets of diamonds ready to be Y-seamed into gorgeous snowflakes.

And this weekend I'm not sewing, but I am going to Maryland! We're going to see the Navy-Air Force game on Saturday!

Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. Very clever! Looks so complicated. I want a lone star quilt but I'm too scared to even try quilting! Thanks for visiting sister outlaws! I've had a good time looking at your blog -many of my favourite things...fabric, geometric shapes and barbeque pork! Yum!


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