Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Five #3: Hey! I'm pretty good at this "life" thing.

At noon today, my sister was already impatient for this post. And then I had no idea what to write.

Now it's after 7 pm, I'm at home eating dinner and watching Alias Season 3. And I still have no idea what to write about today. I don't know how real writers do it.

And now I am restarting my DVD because my DVD player is possesed.

So I guess the best thing to talk about would be that this last week has been 10 kinds of crazy busy and I SURVIVED. Of course, I didn't get all the things done that I would REALLY like to get done, but I'm satisfied with my life at the moment.

1. Being a productive (and successful!) graduate student
So with my research working, my boss wanted to present some of my research at the conference she is currently at. Because she didn't know what day she was presenting (she's actually presenting tomorrow), I've been working like a madwoman to get more data and process it and get it to the boss. It is a pretty good feeling to finally get to a point where what you are doing is significant. Maybe I'll be writing my OWN literature paper soon!

2. Awards!
I was nominated for and got an honorable mention for a teaching award for being a TA last year! What, what!!!!! Also, it means I am going to get 250 big ones in my checking account courtesy of  Penn State!

3. Sleep?
I have actually gotten a semi-adequate amount of sleep lately, thanks to going to bed an hour early a couple nights this week and refusing to get out of bed until a half hour until I need to leave in the morning. I've also realized that if I didn't have as much hair, it wouldn't take me as long to blow-dry it, and thus I could sleep in an extra five minutes. Tailgating last week and this week really cuts into my Saturday morning sleeping time, but I guess that's ok.

Oh man, gotta restart the DVD again. Twice.

4. Quilting
I got all the pieces cut for my disappearing 9-patch and now I just have to get all the colors "randomized" enough to sew the rows together. And because there's very little seam matching, I'm anticipating this will get done before the weekend is up! And then I'll just have to back and tie it. Yes.

5. Communication
In the last two weeks, I have talked to SO MANY of my favorites. This is a huge deal because most of the time all I can manage is talking to my parents and boyfriend. But I've talked to a pile of friends from college and it has really brought me so much joy. I really need to keep in better touch with people and don't because I'm tired and busy. But that little bit of effort is worth it ten thousand times over. So if you're reading this, and we haven't talked in a few months, you should call me.

Man. Alias is SO GOOD. In a rather cheesy way, but it is so delightful. So back to spy games and baking cupcakes for this girl, what are you doing tonight?

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  1. This is a great post! It's so important to remind ourselves of the good things, even when the DVD player is acting up. ;) Thanks for this!! Also, love hearing about a Friday night in your life. I went to my grandmother's birthday party. Woot!


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